Welcome to Social Housing World.

This is a resource for those leading, managing and working in the field of Social Housing.


The site is hosted by myself, Paul Levy. I’ve worked as a facilitator and trainer in social housing in the UK for over ten years.

I have particular interests in leadership, communication, diversity  and customer service in social housing.

My training work is part of the portfolio of work of CATS3000.

I hope you enjoy the resources here which you are free to use. Do contact me if you want to continue the dialogue begun here.

Paul Levy

“Social Housing is a sector in need of training and development that is home-grown, making the use of the best from outside, and fusing it with the best from within the sector itself.”

Social Housing World is hosted by CATS3000.

Please consider making a donation if you find this site useful. We are regularly adding new learning resources for those working in social housing.

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