Here you will find short briefings on key issues for leaders in the world of social housing – board members, managers, project leaders and agents of change.

Briefing 1 – The Challenge for a diverse Board of Directors.  Here we look at the roots of dysfunctional senior management teams. This briefing paper can form a challenging but useful discussion agenda item for a senior board meeting or away day.

Briefing 2 – The Vital Second on the Doorstep. Chasing rent, a service engineer visit, dealing with a tenant issue, this briefing paper offers a fascinating and new perspective on doorstep customer service.

Briefing 3 – Why Customer Care Training Often Fails – a very challenging view of why much customer service training is a waste of time and money.

Briefing 4 – The Real Art of Special Needs Customer Care – an outline of how training can really work well in this area

Briefing 5 – Conscious Leadership in Social Housing – a different look at home leadership teams learn and stay aware.

Briefing 6 – Punishing Your Best Tenants In Order To Control Your Worst – the way to manage unacceptable tenant behaviour

Briefing 7 – The Real Challenge of Equality and Diversity – what is diversity really all about and how does it impact on customer care/

Briefing 8 – Kindness Really Does Cost Nothing – how kindness is a missed opportunity for many housing organisations

Briefing 9 – Digital Inclusion in Social Housing: A Checklist – practical advice on developing a helpful and workable approach to including staff and tenants in the digital realm

Briefing 10 – Overcoming Resistance to Change – three different ways to deal with push back when introducing and leading change

More to come.

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You can book a briefing where I’ll facilitate an interactive conversation on any of these briefings. It includes a challenging talk and time for discussion, finally focusing on harvesting usable ideas and actions for your organisation. The briefings can be face to face or virtual, using Skype for a small group or via a conferencing platform such as Webex.

They are challenging, interactive and engaging.

A 1-2 hour  Skype Briefing or Google Hangout costs £250 plus VAT

A 1-2 hour face to face session costs £250 plus VAT plus any travel and accommodation expenses.

Briefings are ideal for a senior management team meeting, a board meeting, trustee meeting, for input to an away day or workshop. Briefings are delivered by Paul Levy, director of CATS3000.

To book a briefing, get in touch here.


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