Here you will find articles and learning materials you can use to get key ideas and practical help as a leader, manager or someone working in social housing.

The resources are organised under useful headings so you can find what you are looking for quickly.

Resources for Leaders and Managers

DAWAW Panels – an effective way to fairly assess new ideas and project proposals

KPIs from Hell – A Viewpoint

Resources on Customer Service and Tenant Care

Compassion in Social Housing – comparing health care  to tenant care

Under Pressure on the Telephone – Tips for Overworked Receptionists

Tips for overstretched telephone answerers

Why Customer Care Training Often Fails

Diversity and Difference in Social Housing

All About Identification – the Diversity Mix

Approaches to Dealing with Difference and Diversity – a useful model

Behavioural Flexibility – the key to working with different people and clients

Diversity Collisions – What happens when people feel ignored or unacknowledged?

Making Hidden Diversities Visible – the skills of  dealing with diversity in social housing

The Real Art of Special Needs Customer Care – A practical  briefing

Social Housing Leading Thoughts – for discussion and reflection

Some Diversity Quotes – to help you reflect on the core ideas

The Swearing Threshold – dealing with the dirty words

The System Default – When and how does the system ruin or help the tenant relationship?

Tenant Needs – known and hidden – a fourfold model and some practical tips

The Yes-No Trap – Working with Tenant Expectations

Resources for Trainers

Activity – Defining Customers and Tenants


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