I began working with housing associations about ten years ago, after I was invited to give a keynote talk at a National Housing Federation conference on the theme of Managing Change. I was also developing my own approach to customer and client care, working with health service organisations, local government and business, in the UK and overseas.

After the talk I was approached and began work with a housing association based in London.

Since then I have worked with a lot of different social housing organisations around the UK, as well as facilitating work with a housing cooperative as well as local organisations, such as CHIBAH, as well as national organisations such as Housemark and The National Housing Federation.

I’ve worked at board level and also “at the coal face” with frontline staff especially on tenant care and communication.

I’m now a training associate with the National Housing Federation.

Previous clients include…

Presentation Housing (now part of Notting Hill Housing Group)  (including working at senior management level on change and vision)

Leeds Federated Housing Association

One Housing Group

Rockingham Forest Housing Association

Islington and Shoreditch Housing Association

Westway Housing Association

East Boro Housing Trust

I’ve also facilitated numerous public workshops.

These sessions need to be practical and hands-on, respectful of the specific context my clients are working in, bringing in useful examples and stories, and usable approaches that can be taken back to work and put into practice. As I’ve developed my work, I’ve held fast to these sessions being responsive, not talk and chalk, challenging and never colluding with mediocrity.

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