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Courses and Workshops for 2019

CATS3000 offer workshops and learning in the social housing realm. We’ve been engaged in refreshing and original learning and development in the sector since 2000.

Here you can find links to the programmes we offer though all of our courses and workshops are adapted to the specific needs of our clients. We always do a bit of research into your organisation in advance and shape the programme accordingly, as well as adapting to what emerges among your unique set of learners on the day.

Our Workshops and Courses

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The Conscious Leader in Social Housing



The Dark Side of Organisations: Dealing with Conflict, Difficult Behaviour and Resistance to Change



Involutionary Leadership and Management: The Real Art of Involvement Through Engaging Staff and Tenants

Recognising Difference


Managing Diversity – Hidden and Visible

Customer and Tenant Care


One Moment Please – Receiving Customers and Tenants

Overstretched Customer Care

Managing Customer Service – Moving Beyond Contempt into True Interaction



Benchmarking and Performance Measurement – Moving Beyond The Collusion of Mediocrity

Managing Projects and Thriving with Time – Ditching the Jargon and the Tools That Don’t Work for the Ones that Really Do



The Real Art of Maintenance

Communicating and Collaborating

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Working Across Multi-Sites

The Art of Working in Teams and Groups: Breaking the Collusion of Mediocrity, Building Firm Engagement

Career and Biography


Career Shifting

We offer a range of other courses and workshops in Social Housing Leadership, Management and Organisation

Our Approach

Our sessions are challenging, PowerPoint-free, very hands-on and focused on creating a restlessness to put what has been learned into practice. Because of this, we look for authentic support from senior managers and leaders for learners to be able to put what they have learned into practice back at work after the event. We aren’t interested in tokenistic, tick-box learning. Our customer care training is real and usable. Our sessions on leadership and communication are challenging and very practically focused.

A lot of what we make us of has been invented within the social housing sector and we only bring in approaches from outside the sector where we feel they add something relevant and refreshingly  new and useful. Too many providers of training and development in social housing simply try to sell their programmes from other sectors into it, and it often feels force-fitted and clumsily applied. Our material is rooted in best practice within a sector we know well and are committed to.

How much does it cost?

A one day workshop costs £650 plus VAT  plus travel and accommodation costs. Contact us directly or fill out the form below, if you’d like to book a workshop or would like further information.

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