The Conscious Leader in Social Housing


Focused specifically on a leadership team, a board of directors, or a change management team, this one or two-day session will shine a light on how to behave as, and become a conscious business leader.

This is a challenging, hands-on course that will update your skills as a leader. Presenting some of the newest thinking and  practice in the field of leadership, the course draws upon the notion of being a “conscious leader”. Leaders need overview, but also to be in touch with the key processes in the organisation. Leaders need to drive innovation in service provision yet also ensure we keep the show on the road – stability and change: this is the challenge for the leader in social housing.

Course content

We’ll apply key ideas and approaches in the field of conscious business to you, as a leader, identifying where your quality of business consciousness may be weaker and how to personally and professionally develop a conscious approach to leadership. We’ll look at leadership bias and subjectivity, the role of self-awareness and how to observe motives in real-time.



Course style

This will be a personally challenging session, offering fresh insights as well as occasional moments of discomfort aimed at personal improvement and developing the core competences required to be a conscious business leader. We’ll also look at how a conscious business leadership team works collaboratively to bring about a more conscious business or organisation. Challenging activities, stories and cases, this is a bold, deep dive for leaders.


– A more effective and authentic approach to being the leader in a social housing organisation.

– An opportunity to work on real challenges and questions in a supportive, confidential learning environment.


About Paul Levy

Paul is a writer, thinker, facilitator, theatre-maker, and conversifier. He is the author of the book, Digital Inferno.
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