Other Courses and Workshops in Social Housing

We offer a wide range of workshops and learning events in the social housing sector, all of which  are closely customised, We do not deliver workshops and learning “to” organisations and people, we facilitate workshops and learning “out of” people and organisations. The following sessions, courses and workshops give a general idea of a workshop theme. It will then be built around your specific needs and priorities.


We create a useful fusion of challenging ideas and approaches from outside with the experience and knowledge which currently works inside the organisational setting.

Sessions are available in half/one and multi-day format.


The Theory of Contempt in Action

– focusing on developing real customer service: confronting untruth, developing honesty and true service

The Art of Effecting Change

– focusing on the processes and skills of diagnosing, planning and managing personal ,group, organisational and community-level change

The Mysterious Art of Leadership

– focusing on the skills and attitudes of effective, wisdom-based leadership in organisations

The Art of Working in Teams and Groups: breaking the collusion of mediocrity, building firm engagement

– focusing on working effectively in groups, exploring group dynamics and the attitudes and behaviours in groups that stimulate creativity and innovation

The Collusion of Mediocrity 1

– a basic introduction to this revolutionary approach to change and innovation in personal and organisational life

The Collusion of Mediocrity 2

– a deeper practical dive into the collusion of mediocrity and the methods that underpin it

The Aftermath Workshop

– a sincere and very useful workshop for leaders and managers in the aftermath of a big change in an organisation

Involutionary Management

–  a radical workshop which looks at the role and methods of involvement in organisations, how to encourage engagement and participation

The Art of Creativity and Innovation: “fun”-damental improvement

– focusing on different approaches, methods, tools and techniques for defining, exploring and solving problems

The Power of Disorganisation: unstructuring the overstructure

– a shocking and practical workshop for senior managers looking at reducing structure and bureaucracy in organisations

Radical Creativity and Problem Solving – moving out beyond the “out of the box” thinking

– a roller coaster ride through the world of creativity and radical innovation – models, practical approaches, problem solving tools and methods

Charisma and the Art of Self-confidence

– a fun, applied workshop looking at what charisma is and how to nurture it. Also how to develop self-awareness and self-confidence

Effective Communication and Relationship Skills: real skills, real abilities

– A workshop exploring the skills of communicating and relating at work on an individual, team and organisational level

“Relationships are our greatest gift and our greatest challenge.”

The Dark Side of Organisations

– A controversial and challenging workshop looking at: dealing with conflict, cultural blockages, how to manage dysfunctional behaviour, and dealing with resistance to change

Managing Quality and Continuous Improvement: confronting the Nonsense

– A critical look at Total Quality based an a wide range of models, tools and techniques for creating and sustaining a culture of continuous improvement

Benchmarking and Performance Measurement – moving beyond the collusion of mediocrity

– A hands-on workshop creating an experience of benchmarking and a range of different approaches to measuring performance and innovating processes

Managing Projects and Thriving with Time  – ditching the jargon and the tools that don’t work for the ones that really do

– An introduction to the skills and techniques for effective and healthy management of projects and time at work and in personal life

Managing Customer Service – moving beyond contempt into true interaction

– An interactive, practical session taking a radically new view of customer care

Common to all workshops:

– Working on live, real issues in organisations

– Deep questioning of the current way of working and identifying new ways of working

– Working towards making free behaviour changes that take us tellingly forwards


About Paul Levy

Paul is a writer, thinker, facilitator, theatre-maker, and conversifier. He is the author of the book, Digital Inferno.
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