Our Training – How We Work


Too many training courses in the Social Housing field are delivered classroom style with a reliance on Power Point.

Not ours.

Our training sessions are very practical and hands-on.

They take the form of a grown-up conversation, built around a workshop or course design driven by research into your organisation and combining this with the very best and wisest knowledge and approaches from inside and outside the sector.

We’ve always wanted every penny spent on our training to lead to usable practice back at work after the training event.

We focus on individuals being able to reflect on their own behaviour, identify what they don’t know, and also what they need to improve upon. We also look to capture any useful feedback for the leadership in the organisation. Workshops tap into years worth of experience in the room and harvest this for the organisation. Often the outcomes are worth far more than days and days of external consultancy because the training processes draws out insights and wisdom latent in the room


The sessions are challenging but non-threatening. There is no dreaded role-play but we do sometimes draw on theatre where this supports learning. We sometimes use forum theatre.

Participants get to find out new and useful ideas that they can put into practice, as well as practice new skills and behaviours.

All sessions are supported with full learning materials – either on paper, online or both.

At the core of the training is for the organisation to be able to solve critical problems through the enhanced knowledge, experience and abilities of their staff.

The sessions are not collusions of mediocrity and people are encouraged to go beyond their comfort zones into new realms of thinking and doing. Take your most see-it-all, done-it-all, cynical maintenance supervisor or receptionist and we will have them fully engaged and restless to experiment by the end of the day. We’ve been doing that successfully in social housing training since the early 1990s.

Our training events are critical incidents – events of life changing significance.


About Paul Levy

Paul is a writer, thinker, facilitator, theatre-maker, and conversifier. He is the author of the book, Digital Inferno.

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